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certified chimney inspections

Reasons To Have Your Chimney and Fireplace Cleaned


Summer is in full swing, which means it’s the perfect time for barbecues, pool parties, and afternoons spent outdoors. Since you won’t be using your chimney for a while, it’s a great season to make sure it’s clean and doesn’t need any repairs.

This article will give you four reasons why you should have your chimney and fireplace cleaned before using them in the fall and winter. We will also discuss how professional chimney cleaning services can benefit you and your family.

1. Reduce the Risk of Chimney Fires

A chimney fire is one of the most dangerous fires in a home. Not only are they difficult to extinguish, but they also spread quickly and can easily cause the entire house to go up in flames.

The best way to prevent a chimney fire is to have your chimney cleaned regularly. During a cleaning, a professional chimney sweep will remove all of the soot, creosote, and other debris that can build up in your chimney flue. This way, there is nothing in the chimney for the fire to ignite when it starts.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys undergo thorough cleaning every year to prevent fires from breaking out.

2. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Another danger of having a dirty chimney is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

When your chimney is clogged, the fumes from the fire can’t escape properly and will start to seep into your home. This can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have small children or pets.

Chimney cleanings will remove the blockages in your chimney and allow the fumes to escape properly. Additionally, inspecting your chimney regularly can help identify potential problems that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

3. Improve the Efficiency of Your Fireplace

A clogged or dirty chimney can also make your fireplace less efficient because the air can’t flow properly through the chimney.

This means you’ll use more wood or fuel to achieve the same results. Not only is this a waste of money, but it’s also bad for the environment.

A professional chimney sweep will clean your chimney and ensure it is clear of any obstructions. This will allow your fireplace to work properly and help you save money on wood.

Chimney sweeps can also inspect your fireplace and make sure that it is operating correctly. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your fireplace.

4. Prevents Costly Chimney Repair Services

Chimney services such as sweeping and cleaning can also help to prevent costly repairs in the future.

A well-maintained chimney will last longer and won’t need to be repaired as often. A reputable chimney cleaning company can help spot any potential problems before they become serious.

Furthermore, chimney repairs are much more expensive than regular maintenance. If you want to save money in the long run, having your chimney cleaned and inspected regularly is best.

How Hiring Certified Chimney Inspections Can Benefit You and Your Family

If you’re seeking wood chimney services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island Connecticut, or southern New Hampshire, Certified Chimney Inspections is the company for you.

We’re not just any other chimney sweep company. With a combined 75 years of experience, each of our employees is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America and is a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. We have the equipment to handle any size chimney, so contact us today.

From chimney inspections to cleanings and repairs, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible chimney service. We ensure everything is in working order, from your wood stove to the chimney cap. On the day of your inspection, you’ll receive up-to-date notifications informing you that we’re on our way and when we’ll arrive, so you’re never out of the loop. 

Contact us today if you’re ready to schedule a chimney inspection or cleaning. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you keep your chimney in top condition.

Facts About Chimney Sweeps

A chimney sweep is an ancient profession, and the chimney sweeps have always been considered extravagant and mysterious. Here are several interesting facts about the representatives of this profession:

● First professional chimney sweeps are believed to have originated from Denmark. History preserved the name of one of the first chimney sweeps. In 1639, the chimneys in the castle of the Danish king, Christian IV, were swept by Hudmand Olsen.

● Today, there are about 50 chimney sweeps in the capital of Denmark. They start their working day very early when everyone sleeps. This profession is considered to be very honorable in Denmark.

● A top hat is a traditional headwear. The demand for the chimney sweeps was very high. They were even allowed to wear a sword and a top hat as a privilege in many European cities. Chimney sweeps usually came from poor families and were eager to wear the attire because it made them feel more prestigious. They sometimes said that a chimney sweep with no top hap is a dirty pig, not a chimney sweep. What is more, the top hats could hold some small tools, protect the head from things falling on the head, and cushion the blow.

● A lot of superstitious beliefs are associated with chimney sweeps. For example, one superstition is that you’ll have good fortune if you see a chimney sweep in the street. You will be even luckier if you touch him and get dirty with soot. In Great Britain, kissing a chimney sweep before marriage is a tradition. British people believe this could bring luck to the newlyweds’ family lives; many modern British chimney sweeps are hired to participate in the weddings as the tradition goes.

● An English chimney sweep’s coat has 13 buttons. The buttons are placed in 2 rows with six buttons each, and the 13th button is sewn on the collar.

● Since 1974, a school for chimney sweeps has been working in a small Danish town called Tender in the south of Jutland. Training time is four years, and the curriculum covers sciences, economics, and nature protection, as well as subjects in their major.

● If you want to be a chimney sweeper in South California, you must pass a two-year course. Here, chimney sweeps are paid 20 dollars per hour on average.

● In Germany, chimney sweeps, mail carriers, and policemen drive specially equipped bicycles.

● Chimney sweeps celebrate their professional holiday on the 11th of February.

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