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Trust Certified Chimney Inspections with all your chimney repair, cleaning, and inspection needs. Our family-owned and operated company has been servicing chimneys in 3 different states since 1999.

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Here's what our customers have to say about Certified Chimney Inspections!

"We had to contact them for an emergency repair. They couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. Very professional."

- Barbara V.

"Certified Chimney Inspections is amazing! We wanted to install a wood stove in our house and we have no chimney. Bryan and Jamie came over, helped us choose a good corner for it, and helped us pick a stove. Then they came back and installed it. They are supremely conscientious, knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and efficient. I would recommend them without hesitation."

- Anne W.

"The technicians were honest from the start. I wanted my chimney cleaned, but they found it impeccable and told me, "If I pretend to clean this for you, I will be stealing." But when it came to the furnace exhaust pipe, there were real issues they needed to address. I hired them immediately and they completed the job in a timely fashion and left everything impeccable. They also were helpful in explaining how to start a chimney fire to a couple of neophytes."

- Michael M.

"Everyone is nervous when dealing with the chimney, dollars bills take over your eyes. These guys were great. They came out and gave me a detailed explanation of what was wrong before giving me a very fair quote. They were quick and responsive, fixed the issue in no time. Seth rocks, couldn't have asked for a better experience."

- Gregory H.

"For me as a customer, it means a lot when you get an honest response, especially when you call for an inspection; you want to know the truth about the condition of the chimney in your house. I felt they very honest and will do business with them again. Thank you, George and Jamie, for your work!"

- Brenda L.

"Seth was courteous and professional. He found the source of a pesky leak around the chimney, fixed it, and then inspected both chimneys. He showed me that the furnace chimney (85 years old) was never lined and was beginning to crumble inside. He gave me a very reasonable price and did a great job lining, capping, and waterproofing it. Even went above and beyond by fixing the loose brick at the top of the chimney. I highly recommend them."

- Marilyn R.

"Very experienced. Identified and fixed the problem with our furnace exhaust right away even though they had to work after the sundown. We had several plumbing and heating specialists working on this system before because our Buderus furnace kept shutting down. Nobody could identify the problem. These guys did it right away!"

- Mike P.

"They were knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and respectful of me, my time, and my home. Chuck spent a lot of time figuring out the tangle of flues in my house, making sure that it was safe to use my fireplaces and pointing out potential vulnerabilities. No big sales pitch, just smart advice. They are now my chimney guys; highly recommended."

- William M.

"Seth came to my house twice and was professional and courteous both times. There was no sales pitch and no pressure, just immediate knowledge and advice. Seth and his partner removed a 400+ pounds old wood stove, cleaned, inspected, installed a liner, did masonry work, and installed a cap. They even stayed well after dark to finish the job. Seth's communication with me was great both on the phone and while at the house working. He definitely earned my respect and my business."

- Andy O.

"The 2 young men, Chuck and Seth, arrived on time, and correctly estimated the job to last 2 hours. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I anticipated a big mess; not so. They treated my home as if it was their own. The work included replacing a chimney liner to go all the way up to meet code. This required removing the hugely heavy woodburning fireplace insert. Two caps were put on top of chimney, some re-pointing, and waterproofing. All within only 2 hours. The 5-star rating is well deserved!"

- Gabriele F.

"The 2 young men Certified Chimney sent to my home were the sole of professionalism! They explained the various issues they found with my chimney in layman's terms and discussed multiple options to resolve these issues! While I have not as yet decided as to what modifications I shall make to my fireplaces... It shall definitely be these folks who I shall call to have the work done!"

- Robert P.

"Great guys, honest, explained everything in detail, went through the whole process flawlessly, efficient and cleaned up when done. I am having them return for a fireplace insert. I am a fussy homeowner and my expectations where exceeded! Call the best; call Certified!"

- Matt M.

"Servicemen arrived on time and were efficient. Able to explain what they found easily and seemed well-educated on the subject matter. Presented me with options and left brochures without being pushy."

- Sergey Z.

"Certified Chimney Inspections was excellent. Chuck and Jamie did an excellent job at inspecting and analyzing the needs of our fireplace and only providing services for what was actually required. At the same time, they offered to look at the furnace's chimney and found that it was not updated after converting the furnace from oil to gas and were able to perform the updates during the same visit. Chuck and Jamie were great and if it's any indication of Certified as a company, they would be highly recommended!"

- Larissa G.

"Great tag-team here! They arrived ON TIME, submitted a fair and reasonable quote, and then knocked off 10% if hired on the spot. They were hired on the spot and walked me through the whole process and provided actual pictures of the issues at hand. Performed ALL repairs and completed the job within 2 hours! After it was all said and done, it's easy to see how these guys keep scoring 5.0's! Well done!"

- Joe M.

"I was pleasantly surprised that all 3 technicians were from Rhode Island – I was concerned at first that this company was based in Boston. Secondly, they were very helpful in identifying our issue and suggesting corrective action. Best of all, they were able to do the work right away. They were efficient, professional, and pleasant. And their work comes with a lifetime guarantee. I would definitely recommend them."

- Mary Pat S.

"Your 2 technicians, Chuck and Katie, arrived June 4th to clean my 2 chimney flues. It was a pleasure to meet 2 young people so dedicated to their work and so conscientious about doing it right and explaining all aspects of it to the customer. They found a condition in the flue for the gas boiler which was seriously wrong and, although they did not describe it as such, I would call it dangerous. I authorized them to install a new stainless steel flue liner in the flue for the gas boiler. I am writing you to commend Chuck and Katie for their diligence. They are outstanding representatives of your company. I will recommend your company to my friends. Your concern with safety and educating the consumer is exemplary. Pleased customer."

- David B.

"Certified sent Charlie and Katie to clean my chimney on a Friday afternoon only to find out that I needed a new liner because the flue was crumbling. They came back the next morning and took care of installing the liner. While doing so, they had to breach my fireplace brick to get the liner all the way to the furnace, since it wasn't a straight shot down the chimney. Charlie came back on Sunday to fix the masonry work and did a great job. For a fireplace that had been built over 40 years ago, Charlie was able to blend in the new brickwork so one couldn't even tell where he breached a hole into the fireplace. Both Charlie and Katie are an awesome duo, they take pride in their job and you are lucky to have them representing your company."

- Angela L.

"Our chimney was leaning to one side. Chuck Wilson took it down and rebuilt it. He did a wonderful job. We recommend him highly for chimney-related jobs."

- David and Elaine H.

"We had their sweepers come by last week to clean the flue. They were professional and courteous. They did a great job. They recommended an installation of a cap and after getting the estimate of the price, I agreed. On my home, the chimney is very visible and after they installed the cap, it makes my chimney look cool! Not only is it protecting my chimney and heating system from rain and moisture, but it also gives the house a very sleek look. Probably making my house more valuable on the market if we ever sell. Thanks guys! I recommend Certified highly."

- Thomas J.

"The contractors (Bryon and Eli) from Certified were prompt, courteous and did an excellent job on the church's chimney repair. They took the time to answer all of our questions and provided us with a lifetime guarantee on the repair. I would definitely recommend them."

- Deborah H.

"In December, I had a puff back on my oil burner and immediately called my plumber. He came by and immediately turned off my heating unit, telling me to contact a reputable chimney company. I did some research with local companies online, and found Certified to be very qualified in these emergency situations. They sent me a technician that day by the name of Sean, who explained that he didn’t care that it was his day off, he was concerned and would never want to see a customer go without heat in winter. He was polite and courteous the whole way through, and was an expert in explaining the situation at hand completely. All work was done completely satisfactorily, and I would recommend Sean and Certified to family and friends."

- Harriet and Thomas B.

"Today I had a liner placed in my chimney, a process that is very difficult and dirty. Especially when the chimney is 150 years old and has been neglected. I had 2 very professional workers install the liner, Chuck Wilson and a laborer Katie. They ran into a problem with the chimney filled with old bricks and soot. Also the run from the roof to the burner was not a straight run. They very patiently found the problem, completed the job, and cleaned up the job and left my home cleaner than when they started. This job will help my family save money on oil keeping the house warm for next winter. Your workers need to be commended for a job well done. Thank you."

- Steve C.

"If you read the testimonials, you find a common thread: great first contact and great service by Charles Wilson and Sean. I was a sweep in the '80s, and everything about your business impresses me. You solved a decades-old problem for us – the liner had disintegrated, literally. I haven't heard a belly laugh from an HVAC specialist in a while. Anyway – we won't die of CO tonight after a new liner, and the other fireplaces are drawing nicely – thanks again for a great job. Keep doing what you're doing; it works!"

- Gordon G.

"Two of your employees – Chuck and Steve – did work on my fireplace chimney and burner flue. I want to recommend them to you for their excellent work. Chuck is so knowledgeable about his work and explaining what needed to be done. Both men were so neat and serious that I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. You are fortunate to have such workers represent you Thank you also for 2 other workers – Brian and Lizzie – who responded to my phone calls."

- Virginia D.

"Thorough, organized, and extremely professional. Did extensive repair to our chimney, knew what they were doing, cleaner out than in, great job."

- Jeff T.

"Brian and Shaun were courteous, professional, and on time to service our chimney. They are, indeed, an asset to any company."

- Fay A.

"When I got the call from Leandra about my chimney cleaning, it occurred to me that it had been too long since I had it taken care of. I booked an appointment, and I am glad that I did. The technicians who came to my house, Chuck and Tony, were fantastic. They were very patient with me, as I am losing my hearing and asked a few questions twice. They answered all my questions, and did a very professional job from start to finish. When they were doing the inspection, they noticed that my chimney's crown was cracking, and repaired it on the spot for a very reasonable price. I have called both my sons and told them to book with Certified. I will definitely use them again. Thanks to all the people I dealt with; you treated an old man well."

- Fred K.

"I was out in the driveway washing my car when my wife ran out of the house in a panic, telling me she had seen smoke from under the basement door. I opened the door, didn't hear or see flames, so I went down, and saw smoke pouring out of the oil burner. I turned it off and called the oil company. They informed me that I was probably having a puff back, and needed a chimney company. I looked in the Yellow Pages, and found Certified. I called them, and the gentleman who answered the phone assured me that they could take care of this, and a truck would be there shortly. In around an hour, my bell rang, and Chuck and Sean went right to work. They opened the pipe, and found my interior had completely collapsed. I had visions of a second mortgage for repairs, but they gave me a great price. They cleaned out the debris and put in a stainless steel pipe. They worked until dark to get my system up and running. They were great guys and very professional. Thanks guys!"

- Mark C.

"Charles and Sean came and cleaned my chimney in a timely manner."

- Kelly L.

"I have had this company out to my house for the past 2 years, for my oil flue and my fireplace. Both times, they were professional, friendly, and efficient. Chuck is a great guy . . . he remembered me from last year, and he had me cracking up as we chatted. This year I needed some minor repairs due to wear and tear; they gave me a fair price, and the work was taken care of quickly. I will continue to use Certified, and have several neighbors who I've talked into using them too. They thanked me for recommending them. Keep up the good work, guys!"

- Mike B.

"I have had a problem for several years with my fireplace where I could not use it without problems. I have had a few chimney companies out, all of whom assured me that they knew the problem and the solution. Many visits and a lot of money later, I was in the same position. I decided, with no real hope, to give it one more try. Certified sent a certified technician out to my house. Bryan was very thorough, found the problem, and fixed it for me for much less than others had charged me to not fix it. I was pleasantly surprised, and liked the fact that Bryan and his assistant knew what they were doing. I've found the last chimney company I'll ever use! Thanks, Bryan and Jimmy... good job!"

- Lou C.

"A few years ago I bought a galvanized chimney cap. During a windy day, the top just flew off because it was rusted. My neighbor gave me the number for Certified, and I called them for a cap estimation. They came out, and Tony told me he had stainless steel caps with lifetime guarantees. I got one for a great price, so I'm glad I called them."

- Wayne K.

"Charles Wilson and Sean did an excellent job in a very timely fashion. Great work, guys!"

- Jim R.

"We had a call from Certified for an annual chimney cleaning at my address. As I just bought the house, we never had a cleaning and they told me that they would inspect and clean the chimney for a decent price. They arrived and inspected the inside of the chimney and told me there was a blockage. I climbed the ladder to see for myself (I trust no one with my house and I trust no one with my money) and sure enough, the chimney was 70% blocked with creosote. The technician said that the chimney was a fire just waiting to happen. It took them more time than usual to clean and unblock the flue, and it did run me about $219 more than estimated, but in the end, it's insurance for me and my family that I can heat my home this winter without it turning into a potential inferno. Thanks for the call, Certified!"

- John P.

"From your initial telephonic solicitation to the responsiveness of your organization, you have been professional and courteous. Your technicians, Charles and Jimmy, however, exceeded their job specs! Before even meeting me, they encountered my neighbor going through a medical emergency: his LARGE old dog was having a stroke. They helped get the dog into his car and on the way to the vet. When they returned to finish the work, they asked about the neighbor and his dog. Charles and Jimmy were clearly capable in their work (they capped and re-lined the chimney, repaired the flue, and re-sealed two areas where there had been leakages from ice dams). And we enjoyed their company!"

- Bob M.

"Thank you for being so professional and prompt in helping me resolve my problems. Your attention and cooperation were much appreciated in helping me resolve my issues. I would recommend you as a company which is customer friendly and knowledgeable; thank you again."

- Jack P.

"Although we were twice asked to reschedule an existing appointment for an estimate on work to be done, Chuck and Dave arrived on time for the 3rd appointment (8:00 Saturday morning), promptly completed their inspection and provided a fully explained estimate addressing not only their work but the ramifications of doing/not doing each portion of a larger job. Selected work was performed immediately and quickly. We were impressed with this crew's knowledge, communication skills, and care of our property. They have earned a strong recommendation."

- Sandra R.

"Just wanted to let you know what a good job your people did at our home in Scituate, MA. John, Rob, and Sean put in a hard day's work and were so professional. Everything was protected while they worked and then they cleaned up everything and put back all the furniture. It was a very hot day doing a very hard job. We were very pleased with the finished work on repairing a chimney and flues and installing our new wood stove. It is beautiful. We will certainly recommend your company if we hear of anyone else looking for this type of work."

- Stephen and Ann S.

"Extremely prompt service. Work was done in 1 day. I would call them again."

- Karen F.


- Chuck and Rob worked on my chimney yesterday and they were very professional, and helpful in explaining how my system works and the problem areas. They worked efficiently, were very knowledgeable, and most pleasant to have working here.

Susan D.

"I recently had my chimney inspected by another company who told us we would need extensive work. The estimate was close to seven thousand dollars. Since we are a young couple with a brand new baby and a new house we looked for a second opinion. My mom recommended Certified Chimney and I am so glad she did. They inspected our chimney and told us everything was in good working order. Since we were looking into possibly having a wood stove or fireplace inserted as a fix to what we thought was a giant chimney problem they took the fireplace measurements. Never once did they try to scam us into thinking we needed expensive repairs nor did they try to sell us anything we did not need. I have already recommended Certified Chimney to everyone I know on Facebook and will continue to gladly do so in the future. Thanks for saving these first-time homeowners time and money!"

- Brandi B.

"The contractors (Bryon and Eli) from Certified were prompt, courteous and did an excellent job on the church's chimney repair. They took the time to answer all of our questions and provided us with a lifetime guarantee on the repair. I would definitely recommend them."

- Kathy H.

"I received a call from Certified about getting my chimney cleaned, and during the call I was given the website. I was skeptical, but checked the site. The testimonials were just about what I expected, just glowing, and did not totally impress me. Still, I needed my chimney cleaned, so I took a chance and booked an appointment. Chuck and Dave just left, and I can honestly say they are as good as advertised! They were knowledgeable, very nice, and when they finished there was not a speck of dust/mess from their work. My elderly mother recently moved in with us, and she followed Chuck around like a love-struck teenager. He was very sweet to her, and very patient with her chatter and questions. I will be having them back in the future, and will recommend them to everyone I know."

- Gladys R.

"Chuck and Dave came to assess the chimney to see if it needed to be cleaned, as it hadn't been cleaned in the past 10 years. They told me that it didn't need to be done and that it looked fine. Who ever heard of someone turning away a job? However, when they did further inspection of the flue to gas boiler, they found that there were several cracks to the liner near the basement. They explained the flue was larger than it needed to be and because of this, condensation was building up in the enlarged flue, and the tiles were cracking. The flue was built for an oil furnace, but the previous owners had switched to gas. Both Dave and Chuck were very professional and showed me all the problem areas, explained what they were going to do and told me if there were problems, what they would need to do, showed me the parts before installation, and explained the procedure. Along the way, they also showed me what they were doing. Nice job, guys."

- Audrey L.

"In December I had a puff back on my oil burner and immediately called my plumber. He came by and immediately turned off my heating unit, telling me to contact a reputable chimney company. I did some research with local companies online, and found Certified to be very qualified in these emergency situations. They sent me a technician that day by the name of Sean, who explained that he didn’t care that it was his day off, he was concerned and would never want to see a customer go without heat in winter. He was polite and courteous the whole way through, and was an expert in explaining the situation at hand completely. All work was done completely satisfactorily, and I would recommend Sean and Certified to family and friends."

- Harriet and Thomas Y.

"George and Ryan came prepared to tackle a supposedly 2 to 3-hour job: removing the existing liner of my chimney which was improperly installed (not even connected to the furnace or gas hot water heater as it stopped 7 feet short!). The weather started turning colder and soon it began to snow. It took them hours to finally remove what turned out to be a 350 pound liner, under hazardous conditions. They were cheerful, polite, as hardworking as anyone I have ever known, determined to conquer the "beast" and install a proper liner by the end of the day. Mission accomplished about 6 hours later. Covered with soot, bone tired but happy to have eliminated the threat of carbon monoxide seeping through the porous bricks of my chimney, they finally headed home. I was touched by their concern, impressed by their professionalism and determination. They were neat, clean and a sheer delight. Top marks! Thank you again, George. I have great photos of you way up on the roof, covered with snow."

- Mei-Mei E.

"George and Ryan recently spent a cold day knocking out and hauling away all the broken tiles in my 35' chimney, and installing a stainless steel liner. They worked as hard as any 2 men could possibly work and did not take a break until the job was finished, and did excellent work."

- Ron J.

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