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10 Signs Your Chimney Is In Need Of Repairs

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A chimney is an integral part of the house; it can contribute to the house’s beauty and help keep the house clean and warm. Ignoring regular chimney maintenance and upgrades can interfere with the beauty of your house or limit the benefits of the chimney to the house. It can also expose the house to fire hazards and other damages. How do you know your chimney is in dire need of repairs? Here are the ten signs.


A chimney is held together by the masonry on the roof created around it. If the masonry begins to fall, this could be a sign that the chimney needs some repairs. The masonry may be falling due to the cracks or accumulation of moisture around the chimney. This can lead to further damage in the house, such as low air quality, leakages, and damaged and moist walls. The chimney may also develop adverse cracks interfering with the structural integrity of the house. Hire a contractor from Chimney Repair Rhode Island to fix the chimney before the subsequent damages occur.

Check The Chimney Cap

The role of the chimney cap is to prevent rain, snow, and other foreign objects from getting through the chimney into the house. It also plays an integral role in the survival of interior and exterior parts of the chimney. It should always be present, and it must have the perfect shape. When you are missing a cap or have a deformed shape, its time to look for a new chimney cap and subsequent repairs and inspections.

White Staining On The Chimney Interiors And Exteriors

When white discolourations begin forming on the chimney, you could be having a moisture problem. The white discolouration is natural salts in the bricks leaking out due to the moisture in the bricks. This calls for instant repairs since the chimney's structural integrity is degrading and may cause extensive damages.

Cracks On The Firebox

The firebox should be intact with no cracks or holes. When the mortar joints are missing at the fireplace, it means the bricks are loose, and you could be losing a lot of heat going into the wall. The cement used to hold firebricks together can easily dissolve in water leading to spaces and cracks in the bricks. When this occurs, you need to hire an expert to investigate the source of the leak and repair the damages.


You need to remove rust from the chimney regularly. When you let it accumulate, it can destroy the chimney, leading to holes or declining chimney structure. To remove the rust, you need to hire an expert who will inspect sections such as the flue, damper, and firebox, then clean them to remove any rust.

Falling Chimney Tiles

If you find a couple of chimney tiles around the house or in the fireplace, it could mean the chimney is old enough and needs a replacement, or you need some extensive repairs. The biggest cause of the problem is water accumulation which allows the tiles to peel off by dissolving the cement holding the tile. Another cause can be cracks on the chimney walls.

Water Or Moist Fireplace

When you find water at the fireplace, or you find the fireplace sometimes wet and moist, you could be having a chimney problem. Maybe the cap is damaged, or the chimney absorbs a lot of moisture into its interior sections.

Mortar Damages

Inspecting a mortar should not be a challenge even for you. You need to inspect it regularly for any damages and ensure no rust and all the elements are held together and tightly. If you identify any cracks, rust, or discolouration, especially a white discolouration, then you need an expert instantly.

Damaged Wallpaper

Inspect the wallpapers on the chimneys for any changes or damages. You can check for any discolourations, check it is becoming moist, or have cracks or tears. This can be the effects of excess moisture on the chimney walls, causing the wallpaper to soak. If you do not have wallpaper, you can check the wall to ensure the paint is not peeling off or changing color.

Leaking Roof Around The Chimney

The damages to the roof can affect the chimney and vice versa. Inspect for any damage in the surrounding areas to identify whether the roof or the chimney is the problem. Excessive moisture around the chimney or the roof can also damage the chimney's integral part, such as the mortar.


For a complete evaluation of chimney interiors and exterior, contact Chimney Repair Rhode Island. We will inspect the chimney and fix other related problems. We are committed to
keeping you safe and ensuring the chimney does not lead to any other damages to your house.

Chimney does not lead to any other damages to your house.

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