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Comprehensive Answers to Chimney Cleaning

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The key reason you should get a chimney inspection is to ensure if the chimney is functioning correctly and that the building is not at increased risk of potential fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. The chimney inspection is therefore incredibly important.

Excerpt from the National Fire Protection Association. "The key factor contributing to the burning of houses (25%) was the failure to clean primarily creosote from solid fuel heating equipment, mostly chimneys". Minimize the risk of a chimney fire by planning a chimney inspection and cleaning in advance!

Rhode Island Homeowners are recommended to conduct an annual chimney inspection to ensure that all heating systems are in good working order and operating as planned. If you use your fireplace frequently during the winter season, you are advised to clean your fireplace every year. Fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, heaters and other ventilation systems connected to stoves should also be cleaned regularly to ensure a safe and secure functioning.Do not risk undiscovered defects resulting in costly repairs or worse, a chimney fire.

The cost of a chimney inspection in Massachusetts is nominal. The entire inspection process normally costs between $99 and $249, and assessment typically takes between 20-30 minutes

If you're planning to do a chimney inspection, it's a good idea to hire a licensed chimney company to get a comprehensive PDF report. In order to get a clear description of the approximate cost of repairs, you can compare this estimate to another quote.

Some traditional chimney companies leave mess after chimney cleaning procedure, but Certified Chimney Technicians strive to make the entire sweeping operation neat and clean. During the chimney-cleaning phase, airborne dust rises with the normal draught of the chimney, while some heavier bits of soot and dust fall to the bottom, in the final phase of chimney sweep these pieces of debris are vacuumed.

Chimney sweeping is a clean procedure, but if your furniture or rugs are too close to the chimney, it is recommended that you move them a couple of feet away from the chimney and cover them with plastic or cloth.

It is important to note that the chimney is as vulnerable to tears and wear as any other part of the house. As a result, a qualified specialist would be able to determine the general state of the structure as well as any particular concern you might have. They will be able to explore your choices and recommend the right plan of action to ensure that you achieve the highest possible level of service.

Some of the most common issues detected during a routine inspection include flue holes, chimney cap/crown issues, or damage to the exterior construction of the chimney. The interior of your chimney is often likely to have a variety of complications, and it is important to find out any possible issue within the flue when the inspection is carried out.If there is doubt over a lack of adequate ventilation or proper working of damper, there are likely to be holes in the flue or cracks in the structure itself. An experienced company would know how to cope with all these challenges in order to prevent more complications later down the road.

In most cases, you would need a Level 1 inspection, which is generally limited to the most general fixes. However if you plan to buy a house or need a significant renovation in the chimney, you will need a Level 2 inspection, the Level 2 inspection will give you a more detailed understanding of whether or not to make changes.based on what inspection report finds.

After finishing all the work, Certified Chimney does a thorough review to see whether new parts have been installed properly. While the installation of a new fireplace or liner can be expensive, our trained technicians ensure that the work has been done correctly.

Chimney assessments are required for anybody who owns a house. It's critical to make sure you get a high-quality service for your chimney and fireplace. Chimneys emit thousands of tons of dangerous gases in their lifetime, primarily carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. If these harmful gasses are not vented out properly, they will leak through broken flu and directly spill into rooms that may pose a significant danger to your health and safety.

  1. Piece of Mind
  2. Cleaning correctly leads to good ventilation
  3. Reduced odor
  4. Increased safety
  5. Increased lifespan of entire Chimney/vent system

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