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certified chimney inspections

Chimney Cap Replacement Boylston MA

stainless steel chimney cap boylston MA

In this blog post, we will share how Certified Chimney Inspections completed a chimney cap replacement in Boylston, Massachusetts today. We installed a brand new, top-quality stainless steel chimney cap on a customer’s chimney. There are certain things in our homes that we take for granted until they become problematic. For instance, a chimney may […]

10 Signs Your Chimney Is In Need Of Repairs

10 Signs Your Chimney Is In Need Of Repairs

A chimney is an integral part of the house; it can contribute to the house’s beauty and help keep the house clean and warm. Ignoring regular chimney maintenance and upgrades can interfere with the beauty of your house or limit the benefits of the chimney to the house. It can also expose the house to […]