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certified chimney inspections

Chimney Sweep New Hampshire

Are you looking for a reputable chimney sweep in New Hampshire? Certified Chimney Inspections consists of a professional team of chimney sweeps. We are here to make sure your chimney is clean and working optimally. We are confident that our years of experience will allow us to provide the best service possible to each customer.

Our chimney sweep service is available within the southern border of New Hampshire. We service towns such as Nashua, Keene, Jaffrey, Salem, Milford, etc.

Consistently cleaning your chimney will maintain the safety of your home from the dangers a dirty chimney can pose. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards are real threats to those who do not stay up to date with cleaning their chimney. This is the benefit of having a go to chimney cleaning company to provide chimney maintenance year round. Don’t be late, don’t wait, don’t hesitate to contact Certified Chimney Inspections.

The majority of safety problems with chimneys are located in the flue, out of sight. A chimney inspection is a great way to ensure your home’s safety. Not only will it keep your chimney safe but it will increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs. Our New Hampshire chimney sweep service will ensure that your chimney is clean and maintained. Contact us for a free estimate.

Chimney Cleaning NH

Chimney Sweep NH

What Sets Us Apart From Other NH Chimney Sweep Companies

With every service, we offer a free inspection of your chimney. An in-depth chimney inspection in NH can identify current and potential problems with your chimney. To determine the condition of your fireplace, we will first schedule a thorough inspection. If you need to have your chimney cleaned, our company will subtract the cost of the inspection. So, you pay for either just a chimney inspection or a chimney cleaning.

There aren’t many other NH chimney sweeps that offer the same deal to their clients.

We offer affordable pricing for our NH chimney customers & providing excellent customer service is a high priority to our company.

We are not a ‘one man show’ chimney company. Our team of expert chimney sweeps are organized, efficient and courteous. You won’t find another chimney company more deliberate about great service than us.


Chimney Sweep New Hampshire

Contact our company by filling out the contact form on our website or just picking up the phone and giving us a call. Once we schedule your chimney service, two chimney specialists are sent to your residence. The first technician will climb up the chimney with a brush to remove all of the soot from the flue. The other technician is inside of the home vacuuming the debris that falls down from inside of the chimney.

We guarantee a mess free chimney sweep. This is just one of the benefits of dealing with a professional chimney sweep.

Certified Chimney Inspections has been New England’s top local chimney service provider for many years. Our highly-trained chimney experts will clean your chimney in a professional manner. Call 844-733-6300.


This answer is relative to the amount you use your wood burning fireplace, insert, or stove. However, as a rule of thumb, you should clean whichever heating source you have at least once a year. For those of you who use your chimney as your main heating source throughout the winter, another gauge of how often you should clean your chimney is after you’ve burned around a cord of wood.

Chimney cleaning costs in New Hampshire can vary based on your chosen service provider. Factors such as chimney size, creosote buildup, and accessibility are typically considered by most companies. At Certified Chimney Inspections, our NH chimney cleaning service is priced at $200, and it includes a comprehensive certified chimney inspection alongside the cleaning process.

The time required for a chimney cleaning can differ based on several factors, including the chimney’s dimensions, location, the extent of creosote accumulation, and its structural integrity. On average, a typical professional chimney cleaning session in New Hampshire lasts approximately one hour. It is crucial to recognize that this time estimate may fluctuate depending on individual circumstances. Therefore, it is advisable to contact us with as much info as possible to provide  a precise estimate tailored to your specific situation. If you require expert chimney assistance, please contact Certified Chimney Inspections at (844) 776-7933.