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Certified Chimney Inspections provides chimney sweep services throughout the entirety of Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

We don’t just offer chimney sweeping but we offer every chimney service you could possibly think of. Our chimney cleaning costs are set at a fixed price of $150 per chimney flue. No matter how old or dirty your chimney is, we will clean it for this price. We also offer a free chimney inspection with every chimney cleaning job scheduled to make sure that cleaning your chimney isn’t all that needs to be done. We want to make sure your chimney is in tip top shape and most of all safe to use for the cold seasons of the year. 

Chimney cleaning in Boston is an extremely important task. Many people don’t understand the risks they are taking when they use their chimney without regularly cleaning it. When you burn a wood fire in your fireplace, the smoke that rises up into the chimney has substances in it such as creosote and other particulate matter which sticks to the inside of the chimney. The hazard is that these substances are flammable and if a rising ember attaches to one of these substances it could start a chimney fire, which could destroy your entire home.

chimney sweeping in Boston, MA

Boston, MA Chimney Cleaning Professionals

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We’ve been in the Chimney industry for more than 20 years.
We have provided a wide range of chimney cleaning services; from inspections and cleaning to masonry repair and restoration.


  • Free PDF Report: Free Multi Page Detailed PDF Reports Provided for Every Estimate
  • Guaranteed Repairs: Lifetime Guarantee on most stainless steel repairs, 5 to 10 years on most masonry repairs.
  • Green Sky Financing Program: Low Interest and low monthly payments.
  • Qualified technicians: CSIA certified, licensed and insured professionals. Members of NFPA and National Chimney Sweep Guild.

Before Certified Chimney Inspections begins any work on your chimney, we conduct an inspection to assess the condition of your chimney and comply with State/Local fire and Safety regulations.


Upon completion of the inspection, a PDF report shall be submitted to the client with detailed info regarding any safety issues or preventive maintenance. If you are located in or around Boston and would like to make an appointment or have some more questions, please contact us at (844)-776-7933 or fill out the Appointment Form and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


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  • Chimney Cap Installation
Historical Facts About Chimney Sweeps in Boston, MA

Chimney sweeps and Boston, Massachusetts have an interesting historical connection.

Here are some facts related to chimney sweeps and Boston

  1. Colonial Chimney Sweeps: In the early days of colonial Boston, chimney sweeps played a crucial role in keeping the city’s homes warm and safe. They were responsible for cleaning and maintaining the chimneys in the many brick houses that characterized the city.

  2. Paul Revere, the Chimney Sweep: Before becoming famous for his midnight ride to warn of the British approaching Lexington and Concord in 1775, Paul Revere worked as a silversmith and, interestingly, as a chimney sweep. His skills in this trade helped him support his family.

  3. Boston’s First Fire Department: In 1678, Boston established one of the first organized fire departments in North America, known as the Boston Society for the Prevention of Fires. This organization included chimney sweeps who were responsible for reducing fire hazards by keeping chimneys clean and safe.

  4. Chimney Fires: In the 18th and 19th centuries, chimney fires were a common occurrence in Boston due to the widespread use of open hearth fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Chimney sweeps were essential for preventing and managing these fires, often called out to clean chimneys to reduce the risk.

  5. Soot Artifacts: During the 19th century, chimney sweeps in Boston would often discover interesting artifacts and items while cleaning chimneys. These discoveries included coins, toys, jewelry, and other valuables that had been accidentally dropped into chimneys over the years.

  6. Chimney Sweep Traditions: Like in many other parts of the world, chimney sweeps in Boston were associated with good luck. It was a common tradition for a bride and groom to invite a chimney sweep to their wedding to bring good fortune and prosperity to their marriage.

  7. Modern Chimney Services: While traditional chimney sweeps are less common today due to changes in heating technology, Boston still has numerous chimney service companies that provide chimney cleanings, inspections, and maintenance for modern day heating systems and fireplaces. One of those companies being Certified Chimney Inspections.


If you need any type of chimney service done or just need someone to come inspect your chimney to assess how safe and/or clean it is, call us today!