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Chimney Repair Massachusetts

Need Chimney Repair in MA?

If you live in Massachusetts and feel like your chimney could use a little work done to it, Certified Chimney Inspections is the company you’re looking for. We offer all types of chimney repair in Massachusetts. Repairs big and small, exterior and interior. We’re a team of experienced brick masons able to fix chimneys and fireplaces across the state of Massachusetts. 

Why Chimneys Need Repair

Chimneys, despite their sturdy nature, are prone to deterioration over time due to various factors.

The primary cause of chimney damage is weather conditions.

Whenever moisture enters the chimney system through cracks, gaps, or faulty flashing, it can lead to water damage and a range of other problems. Rain or snow can cause the bricks and mortar of a chimney to deteriorate, a process known as spalling. Over the years, the repeated cycles of freezing and thawing cause any water trapped within the masonry to expand and contract, resulting in cracks and crumbling of the bricks and mortar. This allows more water to seep in, causing further water damage or structural issues.

Additionally, if the chimney liner inside the chimney flue becomes too old, it may develop cracks, posing a risk of water damage or a chimney fire.

damaged chimney needing repair

Chimney Repair & Restoration in MA

Every chimney problem has a chimney solution. Brick spalling requires bricks to be removed and replaced individually. Crumbling mortar requires mortar repair. We will chisel out the old mortar and replace it with fresh mortar. A leaking chimney will be sealed up with caulk or new flashing.

Certified Chimney Inspections is a
Chimney Repair Company in Massachusetts.

At our company, when a chimney repair is requested in Massachusetts, we believe in conducting an in-person estimate visit to provide an accurate quote for the required repairs. Factors such as the extent of damage, chimney size, and accessibility all contribute to the overall cost of the repair. Each chimney repair situation is unique, and our team at Certified Chimney Inspection brings decades of combined experience in handling such repairs, particularly in brick chimney masonry services throughout Massachusetts.

Over time, every chimney will inevitably require some form of repair. The lifespan of a chimney largely depends on its age and location. Older chimneys tend to exhibit more signs of wear and tear. Moreover, chimneys situated in areas prone to moisture, inclement weather, or extreme temperatures are more susceptible to accelerated deterioration.

Given the climate in Massachusetts, the air tends to be moist during the warmer months, while winters bring low temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Chimney Repair Cost in MA?

The cost to get your chimney repaired will depend on multiple factors. The size of the chimney, the amount of damage, the part of the chimney that needs repairing. We can perform everything from small repairs to a complete chimney rebuild. A small repair could cost as little as a few hundred dollars. A complete chimney rebuild could cost as much as a few thousand dollars. 

What Could Happen If I Don’t Get My MA Chimney Repaired?

Neglecting to repair a chimney poses an escalating threat to the occupants of a home. When the structural integrity of a chimney is compromised, there is a risk of it crumbling, which can lead to both property damage and harm to the people living in the house. 

When Would I Need to Get My Chimney Repaired?

If your chimney has any signs of structural damage, water damage, draft problems, broken chimney components, etc.

What Part of my Chimney Can Get Damaged?

If your chimney has any signs of structural damage, water damage, draft problems, broken chimney components, etc.