Lifetime Chimney Supplies

The experts who repair your chimney play a significant role. Also, the materials and products that they use will be playing an important role in your chimney’s durability. If they use inferior products, it doesn’t matter how skilled they are. That’s why we choose to use Lifetime Chimney Supplies for all our repairs.

Lifetime uses top-quality materials. They offer lifetime warranties on their products. Your house deserves the best, give it a lifetime of care.

A cap is important to the health of your chimney. Lifetime offers a number of different caps, both single flue and multiple flue. Custom caps are also available.

Lifetime manufactures 2-ply stainless steel liners, which come with a lifetime guarantee. Lining your chimney is something you only want to do once, so we offer the best lining systems we could find.

Enjoy premium products when you hire the experts at Certified Chimney Inspections for all your chimney cap and lining needs. FREE estimates on repairs are available. We’ll beat any written estimate by 10%, so contact us today.

Chimney Caps

About Smoktite

Improve the operation of your fireplace and increase the safety of your home!

Smoktite is a highly insulative ceramic product that is used to seal, smooth, and insulate chimney smoke chambers without removing the damper frame or adjacent brickwork.

Smoktite sprays on to seal the surface with a durable ceramic coating that is good up to 2291 degrees Fahrenheit. Smoktite is impervious to acids, vapors, and water.

Introduced in the summer of 2002, Smoktite is now being used by chimney professionals all across the country.